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Integrated Living Sterling Heights

Company History & Services:

Integrated Living, Inc. is a CARF-accredited, non-profit, 501-C-3 Corporation established by Karen Harris in 1992 for the provision of adult foster care homes in community-based settings. The agency is a person-centered care organization committed to the service of adults, children and senior citizens in need of residential care and in-home support services. Integrated Living, Inc. currently provides services to seniors aging in place as well as children and adults with developmental disabilities such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, mental illness, and emotional disorders at over 40 locations throughout Macomb and Oakland Counties.

Adult Foster Care Services:

Integrated Living, Inc. provides Adult Foster Care services to adults with developmental disabilities in both Macomb and Oakland Counties. The agency’s Adult Foster Care homes are currently contracted through Macomb Oakland Regional Center, Inc.

In-Home CLS & Respite Services:

Integrated Living, Inc. provides Community Living Support (CLS) and respite services for children, adolescents, and adults with developmental disabilities living in family homes and personal residences.

Occupational Therapy Services:

In 2013, through the coordination of the Macomb County Department of Community Mental Health, the agency began providing Occupational Therapy services for children and adolescents diagnosed with autism. These services are provided at Integrated Living Inc.’s Lifestyle Center which has an indoor therapy pool with adapted showers, occupational therapy play room, media room, art room, full kitchen, and adapted bathrooms.

Our Mission:

The mission of this organization is to provide assisted living services in community-based settings for children and adults with developmental disabilities, mental illness, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and the aging population choosing to age in place. Our goal is positive outcomes in terms of increased independence, community integration, socialization, vocational support, and access to medical and psychiatric care and services.

We believe that each person served is unique in terms of personality, abilities and desires. We seek to enhance the life of those in our care and keep them safe from abuse and exploitation while facilitating the realization of their dreams.


Integrated Living Inc.’s administrative team has a vast diversification of knowledge and experience allowing for full support of the agency’s persons served and employees. Integrated Living, Inc. also has a strong team of MORC certified home/program managers at each location ensuring the provision of a safe, loving, and respectful environment. Integrated Living, Inc. is dedicated to full compliance and the assurance of each employee remaining current in training, policies, and procedures. The agency’s leadership team and employees are dedicated to the nurturing and steady growth of each individual person served.


Integrated Living Inc.’s employees are dedicated to assisting and attending to the needs of the persons served. The agency’s rigorous screening and training procedures ensure that certified personnel attend to the needs of each person served. This is done through numerous background checks, driving record checks, and references. The agency’s management team members are typically promoted from within the organization and mentored by senior managers and administrative personnel.


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